What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction can be better understood as spiritual companionship. In the Ignatian tradition this accompaniment  helps us to

  - grow in our faith journey

 - become aware of God's presence in our life

 - understand our deepest desires

 - discern how to make good life choices,                                                       in  a confidential , non-judgmental, one-to-one relationship as you grow in intimacy with God, self and others.

Your companion will invite you to share your ordinary life experiences, your reflections in prayer and gently guide you into paying attention to how God might be speaking to you.

A session lasts between half to one hour and may occur during  a retreat or on a regular basis.

What is a retreat?

 Retreat usually refers to spending some time away from the usual routine of everyday life. It may be undertaken as an individual or in conjunction with others.

The retreat is a time when a person comes to focus upon their internal or spiritual life. It may involve periods of silence in which prayer and personal reflection is central. 

The length of the retreat will also vary depending upon individual. It may involve a day or several days.  Regardless of the duration of the retreat each participant should commit to setting aside a period of time to devote to their spiritual well-being and relationship with God.

A retreat may also be 'themed' or have a focus for exploration. If the retreat is arranged for a group/parish then this may be attuned to the current situation or development  needs of the group.  This can be discussed with the retreat director when designing the retreat if desired.


                                                  Communication is the foundational element in any relationship. Prayer is that special communication that helps us to build  a personal relationship with Jesus.

What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What ought I do for Christ?

Prayer  influences our decisions, whether small or significant life events, they can occur within this context leading to positive effects and action in our lives.

Prayer in the Ignatian tradition seeks to enable us to see God in all things. 

Through the use of imagination  the gospels can be brought to life  in an entirely personal and vivid way that enhances  intimacy with Jesus.

Ignatian prayer encourages a daily review of who we are in relationship with our God.